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 Artist Audio

About Us

Doug McCann


Recording Engineer

Production Design & Management


Who, What, Why & Stuff

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Doug McCann
I Have Stuff

 Producer, Recording Engineer and Designer with  over 45+ years experience I have a hard earned   reputation for creating  environments 

conducive to creativity and artistic expression.


My favorite plug in?

A microphone!


Along with cool digital recording gear I also have a wonderful collection of pro high end tube & condenser microphones 

and of course some 57's, 58's etc...

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My Good Fortune

 I have had the very good fortune to sit on the back side of microphones opposite legends, a few of my heroes and so very many amazing artists and creatives. I was also lucky over the years to benefit from both mentors and misfits who influenced and helped  shape my simple philosophy on the

Art of Recording.

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Artist Audio Recording

Victoria, B.C. Canada


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