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About Artist Audio

About Us

Artist Audio Recording Services produces exquisite on location recordings for artists of every level and genre

using the latest in digital recording platforms.

Artist Audio records concerts (big & small), chamber recitals

and unique inspired performances in any venue.

Classical, Jazz, Blues, Gospel, Roots, Creative Ensembles & Soloists.

Artist Audio's raison d’être is to capture pristine recordings with exceptional transparency and fidelity.

Artist Audio can also provide support services to production companies, commercial and corporate clients. From live and performance audio mixing for streaming, to voiceover, narration and dialog editing or post-production mixing. 


Who, What, Why & Stuff

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Doug McCann
I Have Stuff

Hi, I'm Doug McCann, a Canadian-based recording engineer and producer who over 40+ years, has earned a reputation for creating  recording environments 

conducive to creativity and artistic expression.

My focus is to record you, so once you are comfortable,   I'll put my experience and great recording gear to work, apply my tradecraft and capture your moment.

Along with a bunch of the newest cool digital recording gear I also have a wonderful collection of pro high end tube & condenser microphones with many Advanced Audio mic's from world renowned  microphone guru David Thomas.

I also have some classic old school tried and true battle tested can double as pounding implements when necessary mics rattling around in an old tool box. Road and studio warriors who have made appearances on many of the greatest live performance recordings of all time! 57's, 58's etc...

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My Good Fortune

Over the years I have had the very good fortune to sit on the back side of microphones opposite legends, a few of my heroes and so very many amazing artists and creatives. Some of those hero's are legends and some you have never heard of but they each inspired me just the same. I was also lucky over the years to benefit from both mentors and misfits who influenced and helped  shape my simple philosophy on the

Art of Recording.

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Artist Audio Recording

Victoria, B.C. Canada


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